How soon will my appointment be scheduled once I contact the office?

This depends on the type of appointment you are requesting. You will receive a call regarding your appointment request within 24 business hours. At that time, you will be asked questions regarding the type of appointment (e.g., therapy or testing) as well as the referral concerns. Your appointment will be scheduled for the next available opening for the type of appointment you request.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Insurance is accepted, but please call for additional information regarding your specific insurance carrier, and associated fees. Insurance coverage will be verified before appointments, and you will be informed of any out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment before your appointment, at which time confirmation of the method of payment will be required. Payment of co-pay or other fee is required before your scheduled appointment begins. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. Checks are not accepted.

Are in-person services offered at this time?

Lighthouse Psychological Services remains current with guidance offered regarding in-person treatment. At this time, most appointments will be conducted through approved telehealth platforms. These supported platforms are HIPAA compliant and ensure confidentiality. The goal is to maintain the same standard of care for in-person and telehealth services. Not all appointments can be completed through telehealth platforms, and you will be informed if in-person appointments are more appropriate, at which time you will also be informed of office safety practices. This policy may be updated based on available guidance from local and national governing bodies. Please check back often.

What does psychological assessment/testing include?

Psychological assessment and tests utilized during evaluation depend on the referral concerns. The psychological assessment process will generally begin with an interview with the clinician to better understand the presenting issues and concerns. During this interview, you may also be asked to complete questionnaires about yourself or your child. If you have additional relevant records, these records will also be reviewed at this time. Once the interview is completed, testing can sometimes be completed on the same day. However, at times, it may be necessary to schedule an additional appointment to complete testing. The testing appointment will include hands-on activities and observations to understand better your or your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses. The testing appointment can last several hours. Following the testing appointment, a feedback session will be scheduled. During this feedback session, you will have the opportunity to review the results with the clinician, to ask any questions you may have about the results, and to discuss treatment recommendations.

How long does it take to receive assessment results?

Standard delivery of assessment results is 2-3 weeks following the completion of the assessment. This guideline is based on all forms being completed in a timely manner. Appointments for feedback sessions are made on the day of assessment and the report will be ready on the day of the scheduled feedback. If for some reason you are unable to attend your feedback, Lighthouse Psychological Services will prepare the report for pick up. Please bring a government issued ID to pick up reports.

I cannot make my appointment, what is the cancellation policy?

Appointment confirmations are made several days in advance of your appointment. If for some reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please give 24-hour notice. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours before your appointment will result in a fee. Future appointments will not be scheduled until this fee is paid.